1: Simone Biles shines at US Olympic Gymnastics Trials, securing spot in Paris. Suni Lee and Jordan Chiles round out impressive team.


2: Biles dominates trials with grace and power, solidifying her status as gymnastics legend. Lee and Chiles follow with strong performances.

3: US gymnastics team for Paris Olympics looks unbeatable with Biles leading the charge. Lee and Chiles showcase their skills and determination.

4: Biles' triumph at trials cements her place in history books once again. Lee and Chiles prove they are forces to be reckoned with.

5: Fans eagerly anticipate watching Biles, Lee, and Chiles bring home gold in Paris. The trio is set to dazzle the world with their talent.

6: Biles, Lee, and Chiles prepare to make Team USA proud at the Paris Olympics. Their dedication and skill will be on full display.

7: Biles' return to the Olympic stage is highly anticipated by fans and fellow gymnasts. Lee and Chiles join her in representing the US.

8: The trio of Biles, Lee, and Chiles showcases the future of American gymnastics. Their teamwork and individual talents shine brightly.

9: As Biles, Lee, and Chiles gear up for the Paris Olympics, excitement mounts. The US gymnastics team is primed for success with these stars.