1: Introducing the 2024 US Olympic Gymnastics Team featuring Biles, Chiles, Carey, Lee, and Rivera.


2: Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast, leads the team with her gravity-defying skills.

3: Sunisa Lee, the Olympic all-around champion, adds power and elegance to the team.

4: Jordan Chiles, known for her dynamic performances, brings energy and charisma to the team.

5: Jade Carey, a vault specialist, showcases her incredible strength and precision.

6: Laurie Hernandez, the 2016 Olympic champion, makes a comeback to the team with her grace and finesse.

7: Grace McCallum, the consistent performer, contributes her versatility and team spirit.

8: Kara Eaker, the balance beam specialist, wows the audience with her poise and precision.

9: MyKayla Skinner, the floor and vault powerhouse, completes the team with her explosive routines.