1: Meet the stars of the 2024 US Olympic Gymnastics Team - Biles, Chiles, Carey, Lee, and Rivera.


2: Simone Biles, the iconic gymnast with unmatched skills and courage, is set to dazzle at the Paris Olympics.

3: Sunisa Lee, the reigning all-around champion, brings grace and power to Team USA’s lineup.

4: Jordan Chiles, known for her explosive routines and fierce determination, is a force to be reckoned with.

5: Jade Carey, the vaulting sensation, is ready to elevate Team USA’s medal chances in Paris.

6: Laurie Hernandez, the comeback queen, adds flair and artistry to the squad.

7: MyKayla Skinner, the powerful tumbler with endless tenacity, is a valuable asset to the team.

8: The 2024 US Olympic Gymnastics Team is a powerhouse of talent, poise, and determination.

9: Get ready to witness history in the making as Team USA takes on the world at the Paris Olympics!