1: Fans were in tears as Caitlin Clark warmly welcomed WNBA rookie Brittney Griner.


2: Griner's heartwarming embrace of Clark brought tears to fans' eyes.

3: The WNBA community was moved by Griner's emotional greeting to Clark.

4: Clark's debut alongside Griner brought tears of joy to WNBA spectators.

5: The heartwarming connection between Griner and Clark moved fans to tears.

6: Griner and Clark's WNBA reunion left fans emotional and teary-eyed.

7: Fans couldn't help but cry witnessing Griner welcome Clark to the WNBA.

8: Griner and Clark's emotional embrace during the game brought fans to tears.

9: The heartwarming welcome from Griner to Clark had WNBA spectators in tears.